We never put testimonials on our web pages since last 12 years and we don't intend to do so even now.

BUT a lot of new prospective clients want to see them. Almost all our competitors has glossy pages of them listed on their website in their own words.

There are independent reviews not influenced by us not dictated by us. They have been written on their own by our clients so has high credibility whether its good or bad because we don't pay any one for reviews not do we write it ourselves.

Frankly ask yourself a question.. What is that you want from your hosting provider.

Some may say Free hosting or cheapest hosting... well sorry we cannot help you with that.

But a significant chunk are looking for nononsensehosting provider which has less support headaches and where you concentrate on your business instead of following up with hosting company "Aaree mera mail nahi chal raha". To manage servers is not an easy task a lot of things do go wrong but experience and competiance reduces the anxiety factor. All companies will quote for reliable hosting and fail miserably what we are providing you really is "Peace of Mind"

IT executive don't like getting calls from senior management as emails are not working day-in and day-out and following up with some junior tech support staff from a hosting company who thinks computer virus are caused by sneezing.

A lot of Engineering companies from Pune, Satara and Kolhapur have shifted their webhosting to us because they talk to technically qualified engineers directly in our office and other than contract renewals there is no support requirements most of the time.

We have requested some such companies to leave their reviews on google locale directly.

We have even resolved email problems of a company lingering along for last 3 years and for past 6 month since they have moved to us they didn't require any support requests.

Rather even without our insistance they are refering their friends to move their problematic corporate email systems to us.

Work of the support staff is not just to answer phone calls or reply emails stating "We are working on your request ".

Its majorly systematic preventive maintainance thus limiting support calls being generated for mundane tasks like lost password or folder permission or email account deletion / creation.

Let your job be to build and manage your own business and leave the web hosting and email support to companies like ours.

modified on 24-dec-2012